Creation & Concept Direction

For over 20 years, Krista Monson has molded her talents as well as the talents of those around her as Artistic Director, Writer and Stage Director and Choreographer.

Her work encompasses special events, music theater, circus arts, concert, fashion, large scale ceremonies and social action. From a blank page, she creates and develops concepts including brainstorming, ideation, moodboarding, storyboarding, pitching, selection of and collaboration with creative and technical teams, and stage direction. Krista’s background as an award-winning choreographer allows strong transitional flow resulting in dynamic, provoking, and impactful experiences.

At every step of the creative process, Krista highly values collective expertise and collaboration.


Krista Monson is one of today’s most imaginative and innovative creative, stage, casting director and choreographer .  She creates, writes and develops show concepts within thematic parameters and transforms them into highly theatrical, evocative and entertaining stage experiences. Whether for a global event, creation for the stage, or corporate experience, she initiates and oversees all steps of the creative process including:

  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Moodboarding
  • Storyboarding
  • Pitch design and delivery
  • Selection of creative and technical teams
  • Casting
  • Public relations and media collaboration
  • Stage direction and choreographic design

At all levels and stages of the creative process, Krista’s approach is driven, engaging and collaborative. Many have commented that her vision remains astoundingly consistent throughout the complexity of the creation process.

Krista’s experience as a creator, director, choreographer, and producing director covers the full spectrum of entertainment genres including circus, special events, music theater and concert, from young people to post-secondary to elite professional.

26 September 2018, Berlin: Director Krista Monson sits at the rehearsals of the Vivid Grand Show in the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The world premiere of the new VIVID Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast is on 11 October. Photo: J?rg Carstensen/dpa (Photo by J?rg Carstensen/picture alliance via Getty Images)


The Hunger Games The Exhibition (2019)
MGM Grand
Las Vegas

Experience Director

Producer: CityNeon Victory Hill Exhibitions
Group Chief Creative Officer: Welby Altidor
Creative Director: Gene Lubas
Exhibition and Intellectual Property: Lionsgate Films


VIVID Grand Show (2018-2020) Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin

Writer and Director

Producer: Dr. Berndt Schmidt, Freidrichstadt Palast
Co-Writer, Co-Director: Oliver Hoppmann
Hat Design & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Costume Design: Stefano Canulli
Scenic Design: Michael Cotten
Special Costumes and apparatus Design: Michael Curry
Music Composition: Arne Schumann and Josef Bach, Dave Kochanski
Lyrics: Jasmin Shakeri, Kim Sanders
Lighting Design: Chris Moylan
Video Design & Production: Maxin10sity
Sound Design: Cedric Beatty
Acrobatic Choreography: Edesia Moreno Barata, Strange Fruit
Dance Choreography: Dean Lee, Leo Mujic, Fredrik “Benke” Rydman, Denis We, Alexandra Georgieva
Stunt Design: Matthias Gunther
Comedic Design: Shannan Calcutt, Jimmy Slonina
Music Supervision: Daniel Behrens
Choreography Supervision: Alexandra Georgieva

Wheel of Steel in action
butterfly full stage2
Friedrichstadt Palast<br />
Design Director:Philip Treacy<br />
Costume Designer: Stefani Canulli

Kung Fu Panda Spectacular Live (2018-2019) Macau

Creative Associate & International Casting Director

Producer: Marc Routh & Simone Genatt,
Broadway Asia International & Panda Productions International
Written, Directed & Choreographed by: Susan Stroman
Co-written by: Tommy Thompson


One Night for One Drop (2017)
Las Vegas

Director of Creation

Producer : Cirque du Soleil & One Drop
Supervising Producer : Leu Strope
Written and Directed by: Nicky & Laeticia Dewhurst
Music Composition: Jean-François Blais
Costume Design : Bethany Silva
Make-up and Wig Design : Roger Stricker
Guest Appearances: The Tenors, William Shatner, Grace VanderWaal, Red Foo


Céline Dion (2016) Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Guest Choreographer

Artistic Guide and Director : Gilles Ste-Croix

World Humanitarian Summit (2016) Istanbul, Turkey

Creative & Stage Director

Producer: United Nations with United Nations Foundation
Ceremonies Producer: Patty Padilla
Assistant Director: Gabriel Dubé-Dupuis
Video Projection Design & Scenic Design: Illusionist
Prop Design: ModusArt
Costume Design, Make-up Design: Canan Goknil, Derya Ergum
Music Composition: Ibrahim Ozmen
Guest Starring: Daniel Craig, Forest Whitaker, Ashley Judd, Victor Ochen (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee), Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Istanbul session
World Humanitarian Summit:<br />
United Nations Foundation
World Humanitarian Summit:<br />
United Nations Foundation

ALLAVITA! World Expo (2015) Milan, Italy

Writer & Director

Producer: 45 Degrees of Cirque du Soleil
Illustrations by Claude Leduc
Acrobatic Choreography & Assistant Director: Edesia Moreno Barata
Scenic Design: Bretta Gerecke
Lighting Design: Éric Champoux
Video Design & Production: 4U2C
Music Composition: Bob et Bill
Sound Design: Jacques Boucher
Costume Design: Marie Chantale Vaillancourt
Make-up Design : Ève Monnier
Dance Choreography: Andre Kasten
Sway Poles Choreography: Strange Fruit
Comedic Act Design: Roch Jutras, Stefan Haves

Allavita! 45 Degrees/Cirque du Soleil<br />
Costume Designer : Marie Chantale Vaillancourt

One Night for One Drop (2013)

Writer & Director

Producer: Cirque du Soleil & One Drop
Supervising Producer: Russ Petroni
Assistant Director: Melanie Lalande
Music Composition: DJeff Houle, JK Kleutgens
Special Guest Music Composition: Danny Elfman
Costume Design: RuBen Permel
Special Guest Fashion Design: Roberto Cavalli
Make-up Design: Roger Stricker
Video Design & Production: Moment Factory
Lighting Design: Sean Jensen
Acrobatic Choreography: Ross Gibson, Bill May, Brynn Nikelen, Dan Niehaus, Roman Tomanov,
Dance Choreography: Sonya Tayeh, Wassa Coulibaly,  Mukhtar O.S. Mukhtar, Melanie Lalande
Comedic Design and Character Coach: Shannan Calcutt
Invited Guest Appearances: IN-Q, David Garibaldi, Jackie Evancho, Rabarama

One Night for One Drop<br />
One Drop/Cirque du Soleil<br /> 
Costume Designer : RuBen Purmel

“O” (2004-2006) Las Vegas

Artistic Director

Producer: Cirque du Soleil
Writer & Director: Franco Dragone

Stage O - Masha


2010 Olympic Logo Event (2006) Vancouver, Canada

Segment Artistic Director

Producer: International Olympic Committee & Cirque du Soleil

IAAF World Championships in Athletics (2001) Edmonton, Canada

Choreographer, Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Producer: International Olympic Committee, Local Host Committee
Supervising Producer: Marty Kulich
Director: Kevin Cottam


Sony E3 (2017) Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

Segment Acrobatic Choreographer & Creative Associate
Producer: Sony E3
Rigging Design: VegasRigg
Special Effects Make-Up Design: Kathleen Price

Cisco Live! 2016

Creative Director & Choreographer

Produced by Spot On Productions
Performed at Mandalay Bay Arena


Selected Regional Theater (Actors’ Equity, Canada/USA)

Cabaret: Choreographer, Neptune Theater
Dir: Ron Ulrich

Rocky Horror Show: Choreographer, Neptune Theater
Dir: Ron Ulrich

CATS: Assistant Director/Choreographer, Neptune Theater
Dir: Ron Ulrich

Oliver!: Choreographer, Citadel Theatre
Dir: Bob Baker

Grease: Choreographer (Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding Choreography), Citadel Theatre,
Dir: Bob Baker

Little Shop of Horrors: Choreographer (Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding Choreography), Citadel Theatre
Dir: Bob Baker

Oklahoma!: Choreographer, Mayfield Dinner Theatre, Dir: James Brewer
The Buddy Holly Story: Choreographer, Mayfield Dinner Theatre
Dir: Ron Ulrich

The Sound of Music: Choreographer, Mayfield Dinner Theatre
Dir: Ron Ulrich

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change: Choreographer, Mayfield Dinner Theatre
Dir: James Brewer

Guys N’ Dolls: Choreographer, Mayfield Dinner Theatre
Dir: Ron Ulrich

Co-Creator/Director/Producing Director: RhythMatix, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Co-Creator/Director/Producing Director: RhythMatix, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Co-Creator/Director/Producing Director, RhythMatix, US/Canada Tours


Me & My Girl: Choreographer, Grand MacEwan Theatre Arts
Dir: Tim Ryan

Anyone Can Whistle: Choreographer, Grand MacEwan Theatre Arts
Dir: Tim Ryan

BIG: Choreographer, Grand MacEwan Theatre Arts
Dir: Tim Ryan

Secret Garden: Choreographer, Grand MacEwan Theatre Arts
Dir: Tim Ryan

The Club: Choreographer, Grand MacEwan Theatre Arts
Dir: Maralyn Ryan

Terse Tales of the Brothers Grimm: Choreographer, St. Albert Children’s Theatre
Dir: John B. Lowe

West Side Story: Choreographer, St. Albert Children’s Theatre
Dir: Janice Flower

Réunion de Travail Salim Zeghdar 2014.