High performance creates impactful, unforgettable moments that can change lives forever.  There is nothing like living those moments. However, to sustain and work in the live entertainment industry can also be a highly demanding, competitive industry which can leave even the strongest of individuals feeling alienated.  Krista understands the vulnerability an emerging artist faces and is passionate to “arm” emerging artists with additional skill, confidence and artistic integrity in what can be a rewarding yet highly demanding career.  As a conceptor, director, former choreographer and casting director, she understands what it takes to get noticed and land a role.

Krista’s classes and lectures focus on artistic excellence and the art of making choices which she believes is at the essence of any successful artist, even when interpreting other’s work or direction.  Success and opportunity (getting work!) are a result of instinctive and intended choices which can be guided and learned.  This means not being afraid to improvise and knowing when and how to add those moments in auditions, rehearsals or performance.

Krista is passionate to share her experience and knowledge while listening to others with the goal to help students strengthen their ability and confidence in being the creators of their own professional experience. Her approach is pointed, honest and compassionate – giving focus to the individual and inspiration to the group.

Some of Krista’s workshops and master classes take a look at:

  • Audition! Taking the Fear Out of the Audition to Promote Success
  • Improvisation
  • Creative perpetuity
  • Feedback sessions (dance, circus, physical acting, music)
  • Character work
  • Resume writing
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • Question and Answer discussions
  • Facilitating shared workshops with colleagues in stage management, music, circus arts.
Krista values sharing her knowledge and experience with emerging professionals in workshops, master classes and panels.
She has facilitated classes and lectures at the following institutions to name a few:

The Audition Manifesto

In 2016, Krista partnered with Gina Pero, Performance and Life Coach, to present the Audition Manifesto, a workshop guiding emerging and professional artists through the audition process.