Casting Director

Krista piloted and developed the first delocalized casting department for Cirque du Soleil from 2007-2012 based in the United States. Accountable for the casting of hundreds of artists for all Cirque du Soleil resident shows, she gained a profound understanding and knowledge of the hundreds of acrobatic and artistic disciplines throughout the world. Monson also developed an ability to see into the souls of individual artists and expose their potential. Whether she is directing the final project or casting for clients, Monson understands the critical importance of recommending the right individual for the right role within the context of any given project in circus, dance, concert, multi-disciplinary theater. Monson was featured in the CNN series Leading Women which highlighted her role as a Casting Director.

She understands and delivers the casting process including:

  • Definition of casting needs and roles
  • Development of scouting strategies
  • Interface with agencies
  • Leading auditions
  • Presentations to clients

Krista was responsible to lead a team of Advisors and Scouts in the placement of artistfor the following shows: