Creation & Concept Direction

Since 2004, Krista has molded her talents as well as the talents of those around her as Artistic Director, Casting Director, Conceptor and Stage Director for Cirque du Soleil.

Her work encompasses special events, music theater, circus arts, concert, fashion, and large scale ceremonies. From a blank page, she creates and develops concepts including brainstorming, ideation, moodboarding, storyboarding, pitching, selection of and collaboration with creative and technical teams, and stage direction. Krista’s background as an award-winning choreographer allows strong transitional flow resulting in dynamic, provoking, and impactful experiences.

In 2012, she featured on Leading Women, an OMEGA Ladymatic sponsored CNN series that features outstanding women at the top of their chosen fields.


Inspiring Excellence in Artists

Krista Monson believes that each of us has an innate, unique, creative voice. An emerging artist is on the brink of discovering the precious balance between celebrating his own artistic integrity and being an interpreter of others’ work. She has over 20 years of teaching, giving workshops and judging at colleges, universities, high school, young audiences from emerging to international/elite levels.

In 2016, Krista partnered with Gina Pero, Performance and Life Coach, to present the Audition Manifesto, a workshop guiding emerging artists through the audition process.


Discovering & Placing Talent

After piloting and developing the first delocalized casting office in the United States for Cirque du Soleil, Krista was accountable for the discovery and placement of hundreds of artists for all Cirque du Soleil resident shows. She gained a profound understanding and knowledge of the hundreds of acrobatic and artistic disciplines throughout the world.  She also developed an ability to see into the souls of individual artists and expose their potential. Whether she is directing the final project or casting for clients, Monson understands the critical importance of recommending the right individual for the right role within the context of any given project in circus, dance, concert, or multi-disciplinary theater.


In Real Life

Krista Monson brings a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and insight when she speaks to artists, educators and businesses about creativity and the creative process.  As a dynamic public speaker in English and French, she engages and relates to each side of the conversation as she shares her expertise and personal experience. She is guided by the strong belief that the creative process resides within all of us, no matter what our profession.